Across with us...#Hawaii Edition


Welcome to another installment of The Originative Crew's expedition! We are reporting our findings from our speechless trip to Hawaii. Specifically the island of Oahu.  

Starting our journey with a 5 hour plane flight from Orlando, The City Beautiful and connecting in the west coast dream land called San Diego. We had the wonderful expectation of almost missing our next flight but luckily "P" had his thinking cap on and called to get our seats moved up, providing us a piece of mind and a quicker way out.

From San Diego everything went without a hitch. With some added luck we were able to snagg tickets for the exit row " extra leg room". All the while Alaska Air prepped us with some Hawaiian treats, Koloa Rum Mai Tai and pecan munchies.

We arrive in Hawaii with expectations high and excitement even higher.Leaving the open air, and crowded airport with luggage at hand, snapping pictures left and right we come to find out that we will be gracing the roads of Oahu in a little gem, a yellow Fiat! A real treat for the small car enthusiast that is in Miss P!

Driving through the city arriving at our breathe taking slice of paradise right on the edge of Diamond Head. Our sight was priceless, an island atmosphere like we havent experienced yet with waves crashing, palm trees blowing in the wind and exotic birds singing away, all we could do is shine our brights!

Little did we know this would be more than just an average vacation...

This would be the start of something....for the future. 

Diamond Head Beach; Local surf spot

P&P on an Early A.M Flight with Alaskan Air , Flight # ****

View of Oahu on the West Side of the island

P with our rental, The Hawaiian Bee Fiat, on Diamond Head Road.

Surfer coming back from the ocean at Diamond Head

Our first Hawaiian sunrise... at Diamond head

P and a single palm tree...."Diamond head" in the a.m"

A routine practice for soldiers with all their equipment.

A surfer's grave site...honoring the wave runners.

His & Hers Teva's. The ultimate island hopping sandal. Teva Original Universal in Black.


Scenic Point past Hanauma Bay : Lanai Lookout.

Miss P at the Lanai Lookout... 

P at the Lanai Lookout...

Stay tuned as we have much …much…much more to feature of our shops/eateries and adventures in Oahu!