A special little store called MONO

Located on one of the busiest streets in Honolulu, King Street,  prominent with some of the best local restaurants ranging from Korean BBQ to Thai Gardens, peaks out a boutique you are drawn to instantly. Unsure of it's components, you can't but withheld yourself from putting foot in. Enclosed in between white and fresh walls is a collection and grouping of things you would want to own all over your office and home. While two steps away, a treat for the sneaker lovers, a twin sister store only with a different sort of stock, an extensive collection of some of the finest soles, Truest, a runner's consignment store.

The cultivators behind all of these wise and minimally designed objects are Cassy, a student at KCC in New Media Arts for Interface Design and Dean Song, a Recording Engineer. Together they make a refreshing  married couple, with an ease at conversation and a heart dedicated to all things of art and creativity. A round or two around the store and Cassy put pen to paper and gave us a list of places to visit before our days came to an end on the island... listing, Kicks/Hi, Fish Cake, Hound & Quail, R&D & The Human Imagination (In4mation)... and finished it off with the Night Market in the R&D area, which we were lucky enough to go to!

Following many off subjects chats, we came to find out the reason behind opening the storefront. A seed was planted while on their honeymoon to Japan, bringing back some aesthetically pleasing "things" to their homeland. With just the right location they opened their doors to the public on April 28th, 2013. 

If ever you do have a chance to visit Oahu, give yourself a treat and visit the Song's at MONO. It will surely not disappoint and if anything you will come out a happy owner of a few out of the ordinary "things" !

Welcome to Mono


Superheadz Wide and Slim 35mm Film Cameras.

IMM Living


MollaSpace Grenade Mugs

Money cat Neighborhood

PRAXIS Grip LED Flashlight

Bird Alarm Clock

Hexagon Plate ╳ Horse Paperclips.


Lazerwood Keys


Flight 001's Spacepak Clothes

Eastern Collective Textile Cables (Lightning Connector, 30-Pin Connector & Micro USB).

Fjällräven Kanken Backpacks

(808) 955-1595