Waimea Valley #Hawaii Edition

A world of colors, natures soundtrack and the unrealness of tropical perfection is how we will remember Waimea Valley and the Falls aka Waihi Falls.

Located on the North Shore of Oahu facing Waimea Bay, Hawaiians believe the reddish waters, coloured by iron oxide, have healing powers and used to take wounded soldiers there. Also this is where a number of movies filmed their tropical scenes, Lost, Fantasy Island and George of the Jungle to name a few.

As we entered the park, we were momentarily greeted by a world of fauna. Unimaginably co-habitating worlds of trees, flowers and wildlife.

We found plants from New Guinea, Guam, Fiji and Madagascar to say the least.

We seriously felt like we have entered someone's personal heaven, a dome-like sky covered with leafage and wild roosters roaming the grounds. This is 3/4 mile of a trek to it's main destination, the falls. And once arrived, all we could do is: stare.


*Click on images to see bigger view :)

The Ginger Plant

On road H2 heading to the North Shore.

Passed a coffee farm on the left and the Dole pineapple plantation to the right....

The sky in Waimea Valley

P visiting a thatch hut ... 

Walking up the mountain from the valley, tree's and their roots...

Monstera Plant Leafs

Humongous walls of leafs and vines

Waihi Falls

Close up of Lipstick Tree

Close up of Lipstick Tree

On the road back from the falls: Kahuku Wind is comprised of 12 wind turbines, with a total generating capacity of 30 MW. The project can produce enough power for up to 7,700 homes on Oahu.  

Our Gyakusou's heavily worn needed a breather and Teva's it was!