Uncovered Fashion Show

The day had come for us to unwind everything that had been gathered, fitted and made for the last 6 months. Our vision, our taste and culture were all about to finally see the day and be shared with the public.

As you might've already read from our previous post, the Uncovered photo shoot, this past Saturday we had the second part of the project  take place in a warehouse turned gathering place "The Cross" . Intimacy was on the menu, models shared the runway with the audience at floor level, dimmed lights and dancers expressed emotions some may have not seen in movement 'til this day. With some technical difficulties in it's nature our number was blessed by the one and only…. what's a 2 minute of no music going to do to us….just remember the number even more! lol

Needless to say, we were absolutely in our element. Styled with a fashion forward vision, nothing was too wild or crazy, it just made complete sense. Pushing the expectations all the while styled to be worn by any individual understanding the meaning and need behind the garments.


Thank You's and more Thank You's are in order……

Makeup and Hair was teased and painted on live scultpures. Shelby George with the help of Peter Roquemore for hair, absolutely recreated the story that had flown through our minds for the last months. Carefully entertwined, teased strands one by one, meticulously patted and brushed light fairy dust like powder all was executed to perfection on our eight more than awesome models. Talented is an understandment….

The carriers and deliverers of the story, our models. Have not fallen short of being dedicated, light hearted and most of all believing in us. Not only did they look and fit their looks to perfection they have made this experience priceless. If all is well and on path, we wish to continue our alliance and grow our little creative collective alongside them. (we wish we could have snapped pictures of ALL our models, although time flew by and many things had to be accomplished…pls stay tuned to official pictures of the fashion show)

Ashleigh Rizzutto - Cassidy Craig - Christina Rosario - Jeff Goodfellow -

John Meldonado - Kwasi Crawford - Tanice Arnold - Teddy Blass :)

The believer, organizer and Creative Director…. Andia  Schehera. A seed was planted and as the months flew by, the flower grew into a garden. She had dreamed big, with 2 kickstarters, a team of choreographers, dancers, models and stylists…. and it all came about! We honor her drive and passion and look forward to the many Uncovered shows in the years to come!

The Originative is blessed to have been hand picked and to be one of the messengers of fashion to Orlando, FL.

Let it begin…..