Throwback Travels; Hawaii

Waimānalo Beach, Hawaii

Sitting behind our desks, with buried faces in our computers, stacks of papers pilling up while a day of meetings and deadlines is ahead of us. That was us until we hoped up on that plane heading to a heavenly place called Hawaii!

Left all troubles and superficial thoughts behind and allowed the islands flow get the best of us. LITERALLY!

We wanted to experience Oahu the local way and stay away from the tourist regime that is often chosen as the safe route. And we did just that…on our 4th day we drove our little yellow Fiat and put foot on a semi-secluded local gem called Waimanalo Beach. Tucked behind a neighborhood and a land of tilted trees, is a play on color ocean with turquoise, emerald and deep blues with waves as gentle as can be.

It was nothing but  us, a couple of Hawaiian's, a dog, a wedding party and a movie crew … sounds like much but truly it felt like us and the 5.5 miles of shoreline dreams. (the longest sandy stretch in Oahu).

Join us on this mighty chill time,  on a beach… of our dreams….not much is needed, towels, some crispy seaweed, aqua and a camera.