Daily Task Essentials ; Mono

notes…. beer…. calculations

"Things", things of distinct design and use are what Mono in Hawaii offer in their minimal studio space on S.King Street in Honolulu.

We're big fans of a whimsical piece, a thing that is used on a daily basis and differs from the generics. And so we bring you, our Daily Task Essentials.

Versions of all three could very well be purchased at a local big box store, but not all three would be found amidst the shelves.

These days we have seen the market being over saturated with notebooks, styled notebooks. Hard cover, soft cover, with design front page or simply "pantoned". This pack of three Word pocket notebooks, fit in a back pkt 3.5" x 5.5", have 48 lined pages and come with the Word bullet point system. We're fans of their all over prints, which they release in collections.

Designed and made in the USA!

Over the years we have accumulated many different bottle openers. Some have never seen the light as they were a "of the moment" necessity, some have been gifted to us, some freebies and some were a purchase as we thought we had no such tool. We're parting ways with many as we have finally purchased the one we will enjoy opening our much refreshing ciders and brews.

Rustic & Simple this beech wood/walnut opener was designed by Brendan Ravenhill. It is offered in different colors and comes with two handy ends, a magnet that catches the cap and the other keeps it on the fridge.

This Calculator, love at first sight. Slim, retro, clipped for notebooks… what more could we ask for.

Designed by Mark's from Japan.

Enjoy our essentials picks!