insta-gyakusou-shoot ; activewear


Def.: Gyaku / reverse

           Sou / running

Fact: Jun Takahashi designer of Undercover is part of a small group of Tokyo-based runners, which distinguish themselves by running counter-clockwise, contrast to the majority of the city’s runners.

The Originative: Can't get enough of Takahashi's designs. With colors and textures that blend into natural and urban landscapes, make one look less "power-robic" (***made-up word).

Fit is slim and allows you to freely and comfortably move and not worry about loosing your keys or cards because of it’s carefully developed storage and pockets. Altogether with Nike’s effective Dri-FIT technology, smart designs and tastefully executed collections, Undercover x Nike Gyakusou is a force to be reckoned with in the athletic wear world.



Paul: JACKET: Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Spring 2012. LEGGINGS: Nike running swift tights. SNEAKERS: Holiday 2013 Nike Lunarspider LT+ 3. 

Paulina: JACKET: Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Fall/Winter 2012 collection Autumn Monks. LEGGINGS: Nike running swift tights. SNEAKERS:Holiday 2013 Nike Lunarspider LT+ 3.