November / wrapped up

30 days / For some it's a lot and others it's not enough. Circumstances differentiate and weigh up and down. For most of us in the states, the month of November is a thankful month, also one where clocks seem to slow down and the sun speeds up. Traces of first flakes.... waffled long johns and hooded knits take over our lean "cuisine" built. Soups become a staple. Grey is the new green. 

Here's some iPhone snaps from our busy whereabouts of this past November '13.

Enjoy :)


Date night P at Ravenous Pig

Date Night P at Ravenous Pig

Late Afternoon in Orlando on top of the Gateway Center

Editing K.B's maternity shoot

Pretzel got her very first cut!...back to scratch :)

Spray painted all head pieces for Divergent / Uncovrd Orlando

Day of the Fashion Show / Run thru

Received flowers from P for being under that good ol' funk

Great fellowship... Kwakwa and Goldie

Isabel Marant release at H&M

Late night run to new shaved ice shop / Bubbles & Ice

Green Tea Shaved Ice / followed by a life mentoring talk with the owner... recommended chat :)

Checked out the new coffee place in town at The East End Market / Lineage Coffee

P drinking her lineage coffee at The East End Market

P enjoying a Sunday morning at The East End Market with a fish plate from La Bretxa Seafood Market.

Finishing it off with a selfie for Thanksgiving....