Yuletide Greetings!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Merry Christmas!

Thankful for God's gift to us, for the abundant love from family and friends and the whealthy joy and spirit of this day!

It's no lie when we say we had a complete writer's block when time came to writing about today. Emotions are at an all time high. A week prior to today we experienced what gift life truly is.

Late last Wednesday night Mr. P was involved in a hit and run accident on our local highway leaving from work. From what was experienced and our car totaled, it was nothing short of a miracle. Not to get into too much details but, we now understand how precious life truly is. 

Life gives everyone an inch, and it's yours to take a yard....use that yard wisely and to it's full length! 

Enjoy the little things, and Love those around you. We know we will do the same and wish you all the best during this wonderful time of the year!

...."Christmas is not about presents,
Or gifts with ribbon all curled -
But Christmas is all about Jesus,
He is the true light to the world...."