Retrospective Exhibition: via

The gallery below shows the perfect blend between love and dedication. How it has pushed the envelope and evolved the way we think about athletic wear. 

Earlier, we shared with you the newest collection of Nike x Gyakusou for Fall/Winter 2014 season. Showing how the monochromatic look fits in with the style page of this season, while molding to the person's attributes giving them warmth, stability, and style. 

All good things must have a beginning. For us at The Originative, we have been following the Gyakusou line since it's birth. Wishing and hoping for the first releases even though they weren't hitting stateside. And after hunting at various outlets/online we finally started acquiring pieces from various collections; seeing first hand the quality of Nike's garments which were specifically manufactured in Japan. 

Please take a look at the walk through of the Undercover x Nike Gyakusou "Senses" exhibition.

We hope you ENJOY!