Monday ; Creative Boost

Here's to our 2nd Monday of the month! **A patted Chear!***

With our creative boost installment of this week, we gathered a lineup that has absolutely nothing to do with winter or the most joyous time of the year! We rather leaned towards a culture in which we haven't tapped into...and it just so happened to be more of an organic interest rather than a forced one! .... SURFING.

One of us, always had an infatuation with the sport and it's people, yet lived in a concrete world , the other was born in the land were surfing comes naturally like grabbing a bike on a stroll. Hey, we're never too old to learn and never too young to go crazy!

surfer's anatomy, Owen Wright.  / clothing line Poler /behind the scenes and the making of Saturdays Magazine.


Owen Wright is a herculean figure in a sea of short, scrawny professional surfers. His tall, muscular build breaks the mold of the stereotypical surf stature. In this anatomical study of his physique, we highlight his enormous presence compared to his pro surfing peers as well as other professional athletes. 

Follow Phillip T. Annand as he embarks on a journey to explore the origins of #campvibes! Directed by Corey Adams and Produced and supported by Farm League

A short film, directed by Adrien Cothier and produced by Verrecchia & Partners, about the making of Saturdays Magazine Issue #002. East Coast winter surfing and ellipticals in Iceland.