P's Product Review: Nike Free Powerlines (Wool)

Back again for another round of reviewing. Coming to you live with a new pair of Nike Powerlines: wool edition. Catered to those light winter days, or the up and coming spring season. These runners are endowed with premium materials such as; a high quality wool blend, fat rounded 3M reflective laces, premium long hair suede on the exterior features, and a free bottom to stabilize your day for a comfortable ride. I came in contact with the free run bottom on a pair of shoes that I wore during our stay in Poland. I wore them for two weeks straight with comfort never loosing a beat. My only reservation on these is, the heel tab is a little low so if you don't get the correct size your heel is sure to come loose. But I digress... Overall these are a great pair to add to anyone's wardrobe, especially because this season is all about the minimalistic running shoes to get you through the day. You can pick these up at Overall Score 9.

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