Fido Fridays

Oh Friday! How much we've desired you since our late hours on Sunday...How we have lingered for that kick back, take it easy and enjoy your Friday good feel for the next two days... We thought to ourselves, what bolsters the same emotions other than a feel good Friday?  A Human's Best Friend. The Dog. That swagger of a trot, that once in a while statement bark, those flirtatious morning stares, all a flippant time!

Here's to Fido Friday's! A lifestyle shared with the 4x paw rascal.

Menswear Dog

A gentleman embodied in a Shiba Inu. His thread game: on point.

Sporting brands such as Uniqlo, Publish Brand to J.Crew and Gant. If men have a hard time envisioning and/or figuring out their "style" than you tell us how a Shiba Inu makes it look so swavey? It can be done!  The Menswear Dog makes it confusion-free, first grabbing your eye with an appealing editorial shot followed by an array of pairings for each look. Follow his clean cut fashion sense on

Here's his Interpretation of Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays

Hat: ONLY NY (Tommy 5-Panel)  |  Collared Shirt: Gitman Brothers Vintage  |  Sweater: Club Monaco

not shown:  Selvage Twill Pants: Brooklyn Tailors (Need Supply Co.)  |  Boots: Quoddy (Grizzly Boots)  |  Belt: Tanner Goods  |  Watch:Tokyobay (Slate)  |  Canvas Backpack: Archival Clothing (Need Supply Co.)

Here's an additional gallery of the Menswear Dog we accumulated for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!

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