Fido Fridays

We all live under some kind of shape or form we call our roof. Some in a rectangle box with a multitude amount of doors, some in a square box with one door. And then you have people like us, living in a tree house "not technically" . Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe your dog would like his own little roof to call his home? An entry way with their own "woof" mat, a couch to lazy out on the weekends and a window to peek out into his master's living, all that while you both co-habitate together.

Sure there's the standard metal wire crate, which in human form could potentially be compared to a metal barred cell. To make things more unconventional, something we're huge fans of, there is something called: Architecture for Dogs. A collection of dog houses invented by Architects and Designers. So far there has been 13 pieces of Architectural wonders built, and the best feature being, is it's capability of downloading free blueprints for the public. 

We chose some of our favorites to share with you (see below)... and do please visit the website, a MUST, you will be glad you listened to us ;) 2 paws UP!

The Beagle House by MVRDV

The Boston Terrier, No Dog, No Life!  by Sou Fujimoto

The: Architecture for long-bodied-short-legged-dog "dachshunds" by

Atelier Bow-Wow

The Mobile home For Shiba by Toyo Ito

The D-Tunnel for Teacup Poodle by Kenya Hara

The Paramount for Toy Poodle by Konstantin Grcic

Watch: The making of Architecture for Dogs in Miami, FL, by Imprint Venture Lab.