P's Product Review: Nike x Supreme Tennis Classic

Let the sunshine in.

Pastels, Lilacs, neon, and a dash of khaki. These are the perfect selections for the up and coming months. Its about staying cool with an antiquated style combined with the knowledge of great footwear. We start off the day with a new release from Supreme's Spring/Summer collection. The NikeSB X Supreme Tennis Classic Neon Edition. One thing is for sure these will definitely get you any attention that you desire. The loud and obnoxious color scheme allows you to add pop to any outfit.

The silhouette is a great makeup for success, with the classic motif of Nike's tennis classics from years past. Supreme took the classic shape, and added some minor adjustments; like, a branded Nike logo being on the side panel of the shoe instead of the back. The heel cap has the Supreme logo, instead of Nike. Also, adding a little strip of 3M to the back to finish it off.

We are all about Supreme's products from their skate decks, to their 5 panel camper caps. On the other hand I would have liked it more, being made of a different material. The premium quality leather makes it a little stiff when walking, which will lead to the ever dreaded blister, especially with the weather changing and the humidity rising. Great shoe, could have been done a tad differently. 

Overall great expectations lead to overwhelming fact of, would I buy it if it wasn't a collaboration with Supreme. The fact is, probably not. So with that said, these will receive a score of  6 of 10.