Summer Heat: Nike Flyknit 1


The Nike Flyknit.

Birthed from the tech genius's at Nike with the motto in mind, "Less is More". The Flyknit technology was first introduced to the market at the dawn of the last Olympic games in London. Where every American medal holder on each podium of what ever sport was being announced. The Flyknit had taken center stage. This lightweight adaptive shoe design was reigned as the birth of new footwear for the future. They are responsive and innovative on every level. 

These sneakers are a part of our everyday wear, which you may have seen in our last photo shoot. After the Olympics, they were hard to find and scarce. Although, Nike had some ideas in the works for the months ahead. With the Flyknit trainer and Racer being the first two models being introduced, they started to look towards a more responsive cushioning system to role out to the more general public. With that, they created the Flyknit One. A shoe that has a springy footbed which provides the wearer an epic ride. Either for just a style concept or for those daily runs we might join in on. 

Whatever your fancy, these beauties are amazing gifts for your feet. Please take notice for the up and coming multi - colored collection slated for June of this year. Below is a video explaining the technology that has gone into the shoe, and our picks for the season.


Mens Collection: Top 3


Womens Collection: Top 3