Southern Escape...

Savannah's historic district  is a neighborhood that is made for the walking and wanderer visitor. How could you resist the luscious greenery, and all of the original buildings that have been built in the 18-19th Century, after all, it has been declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1966. Living in the South, geographicaly speaking, we see a lot of new developments and less of the historical settings and much less pedestrians. The city thrives on arts as SCAD rubs it's active culture, every corner you turn you might just see a student on a bike rushing to the studio , another modeling for a sketcher in a park square or a study group discussing  it's next greatest innovative idea at the local café shop. This brings one of us back to our fashion design school days in Mtl. Rushing out of the subway with patterns unravelling out of a bag and fabric weighting a ton trying to bypass the slow movers to make it on time to a sketch class….. Savannah definitely brings this back minus only in a more mellow and soothing city way.

While we ran to catch the line at Mrs. Wilkes, we passed the Poetter Hall's window displays, and that my friends was ShopSCAD. We were determined to step foot and wanted to get immersed in all of it's goodness. And we sure did! The ShopSCAD offers a strong selection of work by SCAD present students, their alumni and faculty. They make sure all art styles, from pop art to expressionism are represented and all delivered in pretty high standards The most eye catching feature would be their floor to sealing canvas wall, which highlights some quiet flamboyant and quirky pieces. Also something we're fans of are the very popular inspired animal heads, although these are all hand woven comic characters. There's a corner with high designed clothing pieces, some in simple forms and a few with highly detailed work with leather accents.

And to leave you on an interesting note, SCAD also opened a second shop in Lacoste, France, if ever you might happen to be roaming around the french land!

ShopSCAD /

340 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31402

(912) 525-5180