Insta-shoot; FL in June

Florida + June = Wannabe Monsoons

This equation brings us: 5 oclock' rush hour downpours, deep luscious greens, sauna-like air, an abundance of lizzard crawlers,  double action wippers, umbrella in your car, unbrella in your purse, umbrella at your door, the ever so shocking visual of palmetto bugs AND most importantly an emergency pair of shoes in your backseat.

This was one of those days…. Started with a creative meeting with non-other than one of our favorite photographer's RayRay (Raychel Mendez) for an up & coming shoot we are working on for UNCOVERED. And in very short minutes before a wall of rain was to hit us, we were able to capture our Insta-shoot in front of one of our favorite leafy walls.

Laid back thoughts and matching sky colors, that is all we have to say!