Life's Lessons....

We're really not sure where to start... finding the core beginning of a story can be analyzed and backtracked so much. Life is truly nothing more than a golden ticket, you either cash it and make it all worth it, experiencing what you have been brought here to learn and teach, or you either put the ticket on a shelf to collect dust and barely be able to tell stories. We have put The Originative on hold for the past couple of weeks due to a life alternating experience, a story that has made us love more, given us complete numbness and thought us belief. 

We just celebrated our third wonderful year of being married to one another...we learned to listen to one another, listen to the needs and the wants. And after much waited time, and listening to our needs, we finally decided on adding an extra P to our little family. Me, being the over driven researcher/detective, I had perused all the breeds P could handle, while being allergic to most. And of course, when the "real" day came to start the search, he, himself landed on an add. It was like a flash of light, all happened so fast, next thing you know, were on the road 50 minutes away from home holding our precious little chosen one. We had gone over all of the different ideas on how we were to chose our little puppy... pay attention to the "funny" one, the one that stands out the most, the one that had a good smell and a je ne sais quoi.... Little did we know, SHE chose US! Yes, her marbled furry hair stood out but when she licked p's fingers, we knew we had a lover lol....

Week's had past and we were counting down on our "only the two of us" days to come to an end. And boy did they ever! Little Lady Pretzel not only filled our hearts with contentment but also made our little home feel the warmest it has ever been and gave us a sense of completion. Within the first hours, we got an idea of what parenthood will be like. Not a piece of cake.... but not a "bad" piece of cake... Worries started filling our minds, sleeping was downgraded to naps and training pads were used like paper towels. Two week's had passed, and we truly thought we had passed through the worse, both of us being zapped with a massive virus all the while training a 7-9 week old puppy.

Until Wednesday came knocking down our anticipated dream of being proud owners of a man's best friend . Pretzel started distancing herself from us. Not sure where she should place herself in the house, seemed uneasy and clearly something was taking over her. We tried our best to calm her down and pray all would go back to a normal chaotic puppy morning. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Friday rolled in and she had developed a wobbled walk  that slowly progressed into a no-walk situation. We rushed to the vet only to find out after spending a great amount of expensive paper, we had a neurological issue on our hands ($$$$). To add salt to the wound, it was Memorial day weekend, therefore any other vet clinics were closed for the next 3 days! Hoping an emergency vet would diagnose this differently, we ran as fast as we could and ran out even faster. They had given us absolutely no hope, with such words as semi-paralysis. Observing every living second of our brand new gift of life had become an obsession. Tears were falling down our cheeks like a continuous stream, anything became hard to swallow, our minds couldn't wrap around anything serious, our spirits became numb and our extensive internet searches on schneagle diseases did not help. We believe Pretzel came to our life for a reason, and we couldn't bare the idea of loosing her after falling in love with the quirky comedian that she is. 

We chose to believe in Pretzel walking again. An alternative was presented to us at our lowest point and with our last bit of investments we gave it one last try. An incredibly animal loving team weren't able to diagnose what might've triggered her hind legs to not be able to walk, but they had the right piece of equipment to heal her with. The iTherm. Direct shipment from Europe, this machine was mainly built to be used on cancer patients, it increases blood flow, delivers oxygen to where the pain is, rapidly removes inflammation and accelerates the healing process. All of that in 3 treatments and Pretzel is a walking lady!!!!!!!! 

Slowly but surely, her back legs were reintroduced to her and she started kicking them like a wild bambi in the city. The world has colors once again, we can smell the flavors in the air and finally we find ourselves laughing at one another. We will forever leave that door a tad bit opened, only to remember how fast the gift of God can be taken away from us.

All in all, we want to say that we are back, back to writing about sneakers, places we have visited, trends we love and inspirational new collaborations, but we are back as different people. Maybe slightly more aware of life's precious moments and it's capability of making wonders come true :)

World, we present to you our little lady PRETZEL <3