Je t'aime Montreal

After a small hiatus The Originative is back doing what it does best. Bringing you aspects of our life and culture to showcase creativity. One big inspiration and something that is close to our hearts is Montreal. The birthplace of Mrs. P, but more importantly the driving force of our life and something to always look forward to. 

This month we will have the opportunity to go on a road trip from Florida to Montreal. All of 22 hrs with just us and the road. This post is more of a throwback on how we love the city and the culture. It is by far one place that captivates all who visit and live in this beautiful city.   

Here are some past images from our year living together in Montreal. It was an amazing year that opened my eyes to just how diverse life can be. Especially when only your fiance' at the time can speak the language. Through the love that we both share, it allowed me to understand the value of who we are as individuals and together.

We always speak of staple items in our closet well this is a staple place for our Lives.