The road ahead...

Road Trips

There's something about hitting the road and not looking back. The first 10-15 miles are always looked at as Fair wells and Check Ya Later's. Your neighborhood corners, streets and local shops start to diminish in size and your eyes are ready for the broader image ahead.

Three is the number for different road trips. The 2-4 hrs road trip, where your destination is at a hand's reach only we make it into a full on event with snackathons and sing a longs!

The one day road trip is a little bit more demanding and if you’re a lightweight your bathroom brakes are probably your most desired destination. You become a little bit all too comfortable, almost forgetful of the road until your remind yourself that you will be seen in public. Chats might become conversations and comments are well too over analyzed.

And then we have the Full on Road Trip. Your destination can be reached by airplane in 3 hours while your drive is multiplied by 9. Appearance wise, get your comfort on while rockin' those socks in flip flops, there's no need to dress and impress. While conversing, get ready for your yearly recap… those unforgiving moments will reappear, make sure to end on a good laugh! (there's probably 800 miles left)When boredom kicks in, get your camera ready it's WORTH IT….. (P's moment was caught, proof is in the video)

The Full On Road Trip , we did it, in all of 27 hrs NON-STOP!..... Both having one goal in mind and that is crossing that border… once your in the land of the French you have all the rights to royally step out the car and high five to the sky!

Three years ago, while living through our long distance relationship, the FL -Mtl road trip was accomplished three times…. This summer we wanted to revisit those awesome miles and smell the passing 10 Northern States in exchange of our one tropical landmass. Seriously speaking, we have missed some of the best things we used to know…. one  being our Canadian family, some serious c & c (conversing & chillin') was needed! Secondly, Montreal in itself, with it's smelly subway system, Quebecer accents and it also being one of the MOST diversely multicultural cities. And finally that POUTINE…. Which is very unlike us, both never really been brought up on this brown and mushy specialty yet living abroad, our taste buds have been screaming for some!

Here's The Originative's First Part FL-MTL Road Trip….



Amidst the the trees, the road and the cars we started paying attention to something that stroke us in a funny way, trucks carry interested behinds. From piglets to QR codes, here's a small compilation of a few of our favorites.