Monday - Creative Boost...

Monday - 24 hours of jump starting your week on the right path! Minus the 12, 13 or even 14hrs of sleep you award yourself, it ends up looking more like a 10 hrs or so day! And, truth be told, Wednesday can be a "dragger" for possessing the middle of the week slot….

Enjoy our Monday Compilation…. a little bit of everything can go a long way!



Foxes - from the duo that brought you "clarity" with Zedd, here is her newest single "Youth"....the video hasn't been yet released in the U.S.

This is Montreal based Adventure Club's remix.


A-Trak and So Me bring you an Adidas commercial packed with dope visuals and witty beats.

Vogue's September Issue Editorial !!!!! Korea 09/2013


Kinfolks Saturday Series: Science behind making a rasberry soda... #yummyvisuals


Graffiti Artist iNO paints for you his piece entitled: Dream On Him... end result is pretty mind blowing...