30 Days of reminiscing ....#30for30

Thirty Years Of being Alive.

Today, is the beginning and end of my 30th day 'til I hit my thirties.... 

Thirty is a mature number in my mind. One that wears grey instead of black, has a glass of cognac and reckons that plan you have carried in the back of your mind for the last five yrs. Thirty is a number, there I said it; a number, a calculation, an accumulation, a summary. Truly not more different than any other late twenties. In some cases, the recipient choses it to be different... In my case, #30 will be a folder in which will unfold the meaning behind what is and will be my truth... This is me throwing my shoes down and walking barefoot and bare mind. I say Enough with the "wishing", "attempting", "pleasing", "bowing" and make place for my Thirties!

Starting today, each day I will share with you what I have learned from my 29 years until I reach my thirties. Not conforming to one matter but just my most prized declarations and lessons!


Mrs P.