Monday; Creative Boost

It's Monday you guys!...Another one for the books...another start, another try...As for us, this is our last Monday before we head on to the complete west coast of the United states, Hawaii!.... Still pinching in excitement! 

Enjoy our below selection of creative boosts for this Monday! 


Likeknowlike; an independent project that brings you into the lives of the 21st century artist. We fished out from a group of mini documentaries this duo; Jeremy and Claire Weiss, photographers living in Los Angeles, CA. They became our source of inspiration. Raw, truthful and driven.


Trampoline- from Tinie Tempah's second studio album; Demonstration. 

*Fans of the black & white and font

Video from Racked, this is just a glimpse at how crazy Fashion Week can really get for a street style photographer.

..."Being a small jelly fish in a sea of whales"...