Monday / Creative Boost

Here's a comparison. A day is like an empty diner plate. What type of  "food stylist" are you?  Are you the divider? Or the blender? Do you separate your foods like you separate your tasks, or do you blend your colors like you blend your duties throughout the day?

I took a step back last week not by choice but by health hazard and with a clear vision I realized I was the type that was making my diner plate look like a Grade A Techtonic Space Storm! My hunger for free minutes in a day was humongous but yet always felt unfulfilled. That is because there is a place and time for everything in one's day but chose wisely when and how you shall do it. Just like your components,  your meal has a dedicated inch on the blank plate.

Take a step back and reflect on what's important to you of your daily being.

..."The inaugural issue of the Collective Quarterly, featuring 200 pages of stories, photographs, and illustrations in all their ink-on-paper glory. Inside, you'll find tales of Texas-style justice, a couple who makes boots by hand, a lost Mexican pueblo—and much, much more.."...

"IT" is Alexa Chungs writing debut. Part memoir, part scrapbook and part style-guide, all encompase some of Chung's favorite people and inspirations.

Wilkinson, is a British drum and bass and dubstep music producer and DJ from London. The video Afterglow, details a couple's five years of dating by tabulating the numbers, hours, days, and statistics of what they have done together since they first met. Australian actor, Leighton Sharpe, plays the role of Paul in the video and Danish model, Ida Marie, plays the role of Dana.