Haven Threads: A style guide for the season

The smell of winter is in the ever changing air.

With fall slowly fleeting and the winter vastly approaching. We have noticed a change in the types of outerwear that great brands have presented us with. Many different elements come into  play when selecting the right outfit for the right occasion and the guys at Haven in Canada know it best.

Their play with the new styles of garments from Japan interweaved with the street culture that we have come to love makes for a jaw dropping appeal that is hard to go un noticed.

Below you will see garments that you can hand pick from their website at

Hat: Sasquatch Fabrix: Knit Cap White

Jacket: Sasquatch Fabrix: Flight Jacket

Shirt: Sasquatch Fabrix: Big Button Shirt

3/4 Pants: Bedwin: "Jesse" 9/L Dickies TC Pants

Shoes: Sasquatch Fabrix: Big Pinking Sneaker in White

Items are not for the faint of heart with pricing but, if your looking for something to really capture your fall and winter garb, look no further.