Sanibel Island -  where gopher tortoise's roam the sidewalks, millions of seashells pave your countless mile long beach walks, heavy and pillowy unwanted visitors roam the sky's, a whimsical bicycle spectacle is created by different walks of humans and the density of green leafage and numbered street corners remind you that you never want to step foot off this island. 

In honor of Hump day we're making a huge "hump jump" all the way back to our trip to Sanibel Island for my 31st bday! We had arrived to our destination after a dark, wet and not so good encounter with an armadillo drive. Nonetheless, Florida is no stranger to odd places and odder middle of nowheres. 

Our choice of stay, The Anchor Inn, a beach cottage nestled on a pile of palm tree's and neighbored by the main road, Periwinkle Way. Welcoming, warm, clean, and most importantly loving of dogs, we could not say better things about the Anchor! 

Surprised with a stationary collection of Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Doré,  P mapped out our stay with spots to visit and eateries to dig in. (The Island Cow, The Mad HatterBennetts Fresh Roast and Pinocchio's Original Italian Ice Cream).

We made it a point to not let rain hunker us down, and so to the beach we went and sat under our umbrella for a good while. Peaceful and engraved in our heads 'til ends time we not only fished some incredible sea shells, but also wound up eaten alive by sand flees. All well worth it.

Topped our stay with a memorable marathon run under a torrential rain, a cool dip in a pool and an ancient Tibetan hand carved elephant necklace around my neck.

Thirty One years I've walked this earth and have been blessed by every single celebration, this one in particular has an extra little ribbon attached to it ;)