Art Basel 2014 | Part One of many....

Anticipation kicked us in the butt every year during the first days of December… some might say it’s the Holidays we say it’s  Art Basel setting show just 245 miles away from us.

We received the green light to finally head down south this year and with the help of This American’s Life new series Serial, there was no stopping us. 

The most spot on quote about the art show was said by Jay Michaelson from The Daily Beast: “ Inside the 3 Billion Woodstock of Contemporary Art”.

The crowd was as colorful in clothing styles and age as it was in social stature. International and especially South American collectors roamed the hallways with their inspection glasses and panama hats while hipsters wore vans and thick framed glasses snapping every opportunity away. There’s no room for discrimination, there’s a piece of art for everyone.  

Installations and bold depictions of colors seem to be our favorite and below are a couple of our favorites.Stay tuned, as we’ll post this Art Basel series throughout this week, and finish it off from our Wynwood visit.