Happy #1 Birthday Pretzel !!! #FIDOFRIDAY

Pretzel Stain Lazzeri

Has gone through a whole year of growing a relationship with some pretty “special” humans, understanding how trust works, learning the ability to use all of her puppy powers, assuming her lady-hood and then using that lady-hood in a most vocal way ;) Funny enough she has also perfected the art of instigation  (after Mr. P ;) and gave car rides a whole new meaning!

Pretzel has made a year look like it was 5!

She’s our third P. She’s there when you need a laugh, she’s there when you need to clean that piece of something that fell of the counter, she’s there when you need a warm cuddle, she’s there when you turn the corner running  in the am, she’s there when you’re in the shower! She’s there sprinting down the stairs when you come in, she’s there when you’re cooking, feels like we’re on the cooking channel!

It’s only right for us to celebrate her for everything that she IS and what she has DONE for us!

Last summer when visiting family and friends in Montreal, we stomped upon the perfect One Year Birthday gift for our little lady. A Harry Baker for Hudson’s Bay Company leash and a canoe stuffed toy. Embedded with quality, classiness and nostalgia from back home.

Pretzel’s celebratory supper will be provided by Merrick. Highlighting the “lover” in her for all things food, anything and everything. It will be accompanied by a sweet “chocolate” covered Pretzel from Woof Gang Bakery in Winter Park.

Also, we've had our eyes on this one distinctively awesome dog toy from Waggo, which Rifle Paper Co. had in their doggy basket for weeks!  And snagged it we did! Pretzel will be chewing in style… on a “humongo” paper clip!

So Pretzel Stain, show us what a second year looks like…  we love you!