Knotted / Woven / Braided

Trash2Trends Fashion Show / Orlando

Trash bag galore! We were sitting for days on a mountain of  black and white shiny and slippery polyethylene bags. Cutting strips, knotting them together and weaving away… resulting in our own hand made woven fabric, ready to sew into a piece that would later become a multifaceted tunic dress.

A coincidental click on I crossed paths with the Trash2Trends Fashion Show contest. An event that showcased your creative fashion talent by raising awareness to the amount of trash we accumulate each year all the while  promoting recycling. With submissions due the next day, an all “nighter” was undeniable. Concept and sketches turned in and a couple of days later… BAM! No turning back! P was in it…  

Inspired in some ways by Balmain’s intricate materials and detailed cuts, I challenged myself after a very long sabbatical time off. Modeled to perfection by Christina Rosario, the reconstructed warrior was seen by a crowd of 100+ on a stage at Orange Studio.

Hair and Makeup gracefully done by Shelby George :

*Click on images for a closer view ;) 

Original Sketch for Trash2Trends submission