Creative Boost / Youth Edition

It takes two to tango…And when that tango has rhythm and soul, you fox trot yourselves to the waltz.

We’re more than happy to call these two our good friends. Through their waltz  we’ll be their loyal students and witness the beauty of parenthood.Their constant appreciation of life’s little gifts, both understanding characters and awesome sense of humor, little Crosby is in for a ride…We were floored by this video Marshall Head from Studio Say So put together of their last moments before becoming parents to the little man called; Crosby Maximo Edwards.

Take a look :)

There’s one crucial thing we need to learn from kids.Be yourself! Be yourself from the beginning to end.Stick to that motto and we guarantee you’ll be happier in life.

Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins; take it away guys!

Unlocking the Truth

Munster Kids

Mickey Munster, the urban legend that is found in every child has been the main inspiration behind this Sydney based clothing label. Driven by music, art and street culture, the Brown family created Munster Kids in ’05 and can now be found in over 20 countries.We’re a fan of Mickey Munster’s appearance in this Autumn/Winter ’14 editorial video.



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