Creative Boost Monday's

Good Monday World!

Whether you’re starting your week back from a rainy or sunny 2 days, we hope your Mother’s day was all that special and even more as Mother’s in our opinion  are the real superheroes that make our world a better place!

And with this being said we lead you into a feast of a Creative Boost! With a  little “font action” from “ The A to Z of Television”… In second place we present you, an introduction to Brass Rooster Hat Company, led by a married couple team that shares the same passion for one of fashion’s most important statement pieces.

And last but not least, we were all too amazed by the passion and enthusiasm one can have for the world of sounds. Entitled Passion For Sound, the crew behind The Music Bed have captured an epic look into real life sound recording.

Remember, Monday is just a name that was given to a day… Seize it!