Orlando meets Japan: Opening Ceremony x Mickey

It’s not every day we get to see something that defines a city even though it has nothing to do with the “entirety” of the actual city.

This is the case for Orlando Florida, in which is overshadowed by the "Mouse Ears" , known to be ‘the” vacation spot for families and it has become the number one tourist destination in the USA. We have done our research and narrowed it down to the fact that there is a ton of transplants/locals in this city in which their sole mission is to change the perspective of Orlando. They have slowly but surely given the neighboring cities their personality and “what-to-do’s”.

Today is no different. We find ourselves loving the new Opening Ceremony X Disney Collection. A collaboration that has taken cues from Japanese designs mixed with the beloved mouse character, creating something fresh and iconic. They have taken this character that is often used in gimmicky ways and made it into something creative and forward. 

The entire collection can be viewed and purchased from

Via Opening Ceremony:

" Mickey Mouse is a prominent part of childhoods the world over, and we're reliving ours with this new Mickey Mouse x Opening Ceremony collection. Get your mouse ears out and pick up these shirts, socks, hats, and more featuring Mickey's "Steamboat Willie" character."