Street Style Abroad: Istanbul

Creative people inspire and amaze us on a constant basis. We love seeing how individuality can be communicated and how one divulges in their appearance

An entity on its own. Style is pretty much a non-verbal language of pride, success, ego, or love for the garments being worn. We surround ourselves with vivid & neutral colors, materials from cellulosic and protein fibers and technology in which influences the progress of the making.

We have one too many talks and analysis about the way the “Orlandoneans” carry themselves. There have been waves of trends and movements in cultures in the last 3 years. To generalize is easy yet obvious… hipsters grew into woodsmen-gents and sneakerheads grew into street goths while preppy ladies switched to minimal bohemians. Even though we find ourselves in a remote city like ours, our hunger for moving forward and discover what’s next is a drive for a taste of the proverbial pie.

During one of our many daily web routines we rummaged ourselves to craziness and laid eyes on this lovely site.

Emircan is a photographer and dreamer from across the pond. Here is a descriptive bio talking about why he does what he does and who he is. 


I was born in İstanbul on 1991. I’ve got my first Kodak Camera when i was 7. When i was 9, i got my first handy cam. Since my high school years, i was interested in photography and videography as hobby. Then when i started studying City and Regional Planning (yes, this department is quiet different than what i’m doing) in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, i’ve focused on videography. Meanwhile, i’ve collaborated with the professionals of industry. Today i am still working with magazines and brands for video and photo projects. Recently, i’ve focused on street style photography and so i’ve launched CATCH. Beside of it, because of my passion of travel, i’m photographing and filming based on my trips. At the summer of 2013, i’ve graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Now i’m 22 and still working as freelancer. To sum up; me, my camera and my passion for life are always dragging me to somewhere new and i am finding myself in brand new situations. Let’s see what the future is gonna bring us."