Insta-shoot I middle of nowhere

One of us likes to just get into the car and head down a road and see where it leads us. The element of surprise keeps one on the edge of the seat with interesting eyes wondering from window to window while wording not so clever billboards…. A mission without a goal, only for one purpose, and that is to expand your horizons.

One of us likes to have a “point a” and a “point b”, a motive and a recollection where exactly a turn and a stop will lead us. With familiar grounds in our view, this sincere joy ride will be the product of one of many interesting conversations. No sudden moves or unplanned stops, it is favored by comfort and belonging.

Last weekend, we blended both of our “joy rides” and ended up at a restroom in the middle of nowhere. Retro, with a south of the border feel this building was out in the middle of a deserted field bordered by a lake.

It was a hot, steamy, lazy  Saturday, with no desire to succumb under the heated pressure we found ourselves leaving in our denims and black tee’s. Major chill mode….in all possible ways.


P1/ Undefeated tee – Oakley Frogskins, Nike Tech Fleece Shorts in Oatmeal – Nike Free Powerlines London Olympic Edition sneakers

P2/ Zara Printed Jersey Slv Top -  Zara Boyfriend Ripped Jeans – Nike Tenkay-low sneakers