Sunshine's State Top 5 airbnb's

We thrive on experiences.

They’re the perfect menu for gaining enriched perspectives, openness, growth and they add pages to your book of life.

Vacations are the mother load of all that!  

Whether you decide to stay within your safe grounds or get in an airplane and travel hours away, vacations delete the day to day repetitive 8-5.

And this is where we bring you our very own research.

With the longest coastline encompassing approx. 1.350 miles of length, Florida is a destination all in its own. With all that being said, we put our eyes to work and scrolled away our cursor on

Away from the generics and the mass-produced, airbnb gives you the experience of staying in an original, with character “home-away home”. We gathered our top 5 Floridian airbnb’s with the following elements; originality, design, location and price.

Countdown to the end of summer: 60 days!



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The Low-Down / $123.00 per night - 2 beds 2 bedrooms - huge relaxing lake-like pool with beach beds, a volleyball court and bicycles.

The Low-Down / $125.00 per night - 2 beds one room - 1904 updated cottage situated in Swinton HIstoric, walking distance to everything.                                                   

The Low-Down / $120.00 per night - 1 bed 1 bedroom - vintage 1940's 1 block from the ocean beach house.                

The Low-Down / $120.00 per night - 2 beds 1 bedroom - eco-smart (cork-floors & solar lighting) vintage 1926 lakeshore cottage.

 The Low-Down / $125.00 per night - 1 bed 1 bedroom - downtown Orlando high-rise condominium - portion of the revenue of your stay  will be donated to the charity of choice from a list that is provided.

The Low-Down / $119.00 per night - 2 beds 1 bedroom - panoramic view of downtown Miami from the 40th floor at Brickell on the River South Condo