A word about Crystal...

I cried.

At my desk in the office and then waited for noon time to let the overflow of sadness flood my phone conversation with mom.

I personally did not know Crystal Ruth Bell but was linked to her by a wide number of wonderful friends. Friends that have shared an incredible amount of love and memories and were blessed to have been part of her life journey.

I looked and looked and looked some more at her pictures throughout the day and saw a happiness like no other, I even saw a smidge of me in there… a creative youthful spirit.

We live in a small, young and thriving creative community. A place where you are given the time and chance to bloom, bloom and move  into a bigger setting, surrounding yourself with an even bigger array of people from all creative walks of life. Crystal did just that and even more….

Paul had the pleasure of working by her side at Apple for 8 months.  One day he shared with her how I was battling a sunburn from a weekend spent on the beach and without hesitating she lifted up her shirt and bluntly said: Wear your F*&^$% sunscreen! THIS is not a joke! And there she was fighting with Melanoma for 2 years.

Here’s to Crystal that led 28 impactful years.

I want to leave you with words of her employer, a feature of Crystal in Glamour and that one picture that tug’s at my heart.