Beach Chill Inn...

birthday menus

This is a three part post of what an airbnb + west coast of Florida beach + most talked about market all look like put together for Mr.P's birthday weekend jollification.

Highways, thru neighborhoods thru beach causeway and there it was our little white strip inn nestled between a parking lot and a high rise condominium. Built in the 1950’s, this art deco cutie took us for a surprise once we opened up the turquoise front door. We have stayed at a dog friendly hotel in the past and needed a revival from the dark cave we had experienced.  Anne the owner of the Beach Chill Inn has turned every room into a modern Ikea showroom while staying true to it’s original style. With ceramic wooden printed flooring, sand has no way of escaping us but with a quick push of a broom. Furnished by the swedish powerhouse, it was seriously inevitable that this studio with kitchnette made us comfortable at the switch of a light.

With a max. 10 mile/hr mini alleyway between local homes and timeshares Pretzel was able to enjoy her vaca as well….

That is where we did most of our observing, cottages snuggled on top of cottages, beach houses, small business’s and gotti italian villa’s all share this one little street and all impeccable with an individual style and theme.

Beach Chill Inn a definite home away from home and a bold YES!