New Balance CT300 x 24 Kilates

New Balance | Design meets the roads of the UK. (+ a chicken)

When it comes to the history behind a company such as New Balance, there are no surprises to their flourishing business . New Balance has based their foundation to consistently innovate and educate people based on culture/style. One would be surprised by the peculiar fascination their studies started with… observing the ability and the way a chicken runs all the while balancing and standing on her feet.

The UK is no stranger to the way New Balance has influenced the modern running shoe to a standard for everyone's walk of life. No pun intended. The New Balance CT300 has been the answer to the never ending call of creating a tennis shoe that could withstand the play throughout the matches of Wimbledon and friendly games alike. 

For this rendition, they called upon the leaders in the street wear scene from all over the UK, Barcelona to Sweden to change the influence of the way people view the "Tennis" shoe. The color way we have favored and are featuring is designed by 24 Kilates, based out of Barcelona. Taking inspiration from the beach, the  sun and the sand, all  birth to something incredible. Comfort is outstanding with a great inner liner which makes for a great sneaker to wear throughout the day. The only minus is they do run a tad small, make sure to go up to your true size or a 1/2 size larger. Overall rating is a 9/10! 

Dope kicks!

You can still try and snag a pair from their website: